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Sunday 23rd August

Hi everyone

Welcome to Travel Lexx. What’s this, I hear you ask? Well, I am Lexx and I love travelling – pretty simple really! Since I last posted something on this blog, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel around 4 continents, meet people from all over the world and see some incredible places.

The idea to start working on a travel blog again popped up during casual conversations with my friend SuperDel and gave me motivation to use my experiences over the last few years to create a space which celebrates all things travel.

I hope that over the coming weeks and months (and hopefully beyond) I can share some interesting stories and experiences about my travels and I want to hear all about yours too! The plan is to grow the site to have resources and tips for travellers and be the go-to place for all who have that incurable case of Wanderlust.

I look forward to this new adventure

Travel Lexx

Email me at lexx@travelexx.com with any questions, suggestions and feedback!

We are now on Twitter! – @travelexx

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