The Travelexx Playlist: 13 Songs I Couldn’t Travel Without

Music – every traveller’s friend on long journeys, overnight layovers and lazy days at the beach. For me, making a travel playlist is an exciting part of getting ready for a trip and many songs remind me of certain places or experiences from my adventures. So here are my 13 favourite songs that I simply couldn’t travel without.

  1. Sour Patch Kids – Bryce Vine

This is an upbeat, uplifting song and always reminds me of faraway lands thanks to its catchy melody. It’s almost impossible not to feel happy after listening to this – I always play this on my way to the airport to get me excited for a forthcoming trip. It has a really cool video too,

2. Best Day of My Life – American Authors

I love upbeat songs and this is another one of those really happy tunes that just give you a spring in your step. The video was filmed in Brooklyn, New York and I enjoyed playing the song on my first visit to the city. Oh, and there is an absolutely delightful dog version of the video. This is as positive as a song can get!

3. Lost – Frank Ocean

I used to sneakily tamper with the playlist at one of my previous jobs just so I could listen to this song more often. I used to listen to this song in the run up to my South East Asia trip in 2013 so it always reminds me of that region. Despite the questionable lyrics (it’s definitely not for kids), this is one of my favourite songs. The video, which has disappeared from YouTube for some reason, is also all about travel!

4. See The World – Gomez

If this song, by an English indie rock band, doesn’t make you want to drop everything and travel the world, then probably nothing will! Just listen to it, book a trip and GO! The video is amazing too.

5. Reality – Lost Frequencies feat. Janieck Devy

Press play, close your eyes and you can picture yourself lying on a tropical beach, waves lapping at your feet and the beach-side bar behind you preparing your cocktail. Seriously chilled-out with a tap-along melody. I will be seeing this live at Sea Dance festival in Montenegro this July! I can’t wait!

6. I’ve Been Everywhere – Johnny Cash

The ultimate road trip song in my book. One of the items on my bucket list was to actually listen to this while driving through the backroads of America and I was lucky enough to check that off last year! Oh, and it’s hands down the best part of the 2004 movie, “Flight of the Phoenix”. All together now, “I’ve been everywhere, man…”

7. I Believe – Sean Murphy

A beautiful song, albeit not a very well-known one. I stumbled upon it by chance but haven’t stopped listening to it since. Another feel-good tune with an equally feel-good video to go along with it. I just love the acoustic guitar!

8. I Got U – Duke Dumont feat. Jax Jones

Another great song for relaxing on the beach to. The video isn’t as far-fetched as it may have seemed in 2014, especially with recent advances of virtual reality. Either way, the song is great and just makes me want to go somewhere hot, right now!

9. We Can’t Stop – Miley Cyrus

This song has special significance to me as it reminds me of leaving one of my favourite places in the world. Ever since I first heard it, I knew that it would be the song I would listen to as I left Australia after living there for two years. It always brings back bittersweet memories but is one of my favourite songs ever.

10. Blank Space – Taylor Swift

You gotta have a bit of Tay-Tay on a trip! Last year, in USA, I listened to this song pretty much non-stop and it never got boring. I think my record is 18 times on repeat. Not even ashamed!

11. It’s Time – Imagine Dragons

A little slower than some of the other songs on my list but I love it all the same. While it doesn’t have that travel vibe that some of the others do, it reminds of Hong Kong as it was played quite a lot while I was out there and it’s another one of the songs I like listening to on the way to the airport or when making an important decision. It’s a pretty inspiring song!

12. NRG – Duck Sauce

We go back to the upbeat tunes and this one never fails to get me excited about a trip or while travelling. Not the best known song from Duck Sauce but definitely my favourite. Crank it up on roadtrip with friends! Oh, and it’s great as a workout song!

13. Prayer in C – Lilly Wood & The Prick and Robin Schulz

This song took Europe by storm a couple of years ago and can still be heard in clubs around the world. A chilled-out song that’s perfect for listening to on a long bus ride or while reading under a palm tree.

What are your favourite travel songs? Get in touch!




4 thoughts on “The Travelexx Playlist: 13 Songs I Couldn’t Travel Without

  1. Elena says:

    Great list of songs for travelling but I mostly love 13th and 2nd and I will add 2 more you haven’t in your list:
    Lost on you by Consoul Trainin & Liva K remix and
    See you again by wiz khalifa ft.Charlie Puth

  2. Julie says:

    Great playlist – I will have to check a few out as I have never heard of them before. And yes guilty pleasure just may be Taylor Swift – but not sure I can add her to mine just yet. Haha

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