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Bangkok: Ultimate Travel Guide – Part 2: Food, Shopping and Entertainment

In Part 2 of my Ultimate Bangkok Travel Guide, I will focus on great places to eat and drink in the city, where to indulge in a bit of shopping and how to have a great night out in the Thai capital.

Bangkok: Ultimate Travel Guide – Part 1: Sightseeing

Bangkok – an eclectic medley of cultures, aromas and flavours. It’s a fascinating city, one that takes its history just as seriously as its future and where East and West collide and co-exist in a vibrant union of neon-lit streets and Buddhist temples.

How I Accidentally Spent Chinese New Year in Bangkok

Ok, first of all, an admission. I didn’t realise I would be spending Chinese New Year in Bangkok. To be honest, I didn’t even think about it when booking my flights. A few friends planned a trip to Thailand and, in a particularly spontaneous moment, I booked a ticket.