Upcoming Trips!

So, I vowed to do a few more European city breaks this year and I have finally booked a couple of trips for the next month. One of the great advantages of living in the UK is the ease with which it’s possible to get around Europe.

Cheap deals, short flight times and a wealth of different options mean that I am not about to run out of travel options any time soon!

Next week, I am heading to Basel, Switzerland. Located on the border of three different countries, Basel is the country’s third largest city. Famous for its museums and art galleries, I am looking forward to wandering around the city, especially the Old Town, which apparently is one of the best-preserved in Europe.

A few weeks later, in October, I will visit Hamburg, also for the first time. The second largest city in Germany, Hamburg has been famous for its trade links since the Middle Ages. I have only ever been to Bavaria, so I am looking forward to seeing a different part of Germany and checking out the recently UNESCO-listed Speicherstadt warehouse district.

Already can’t wait for the trips and I always welcome suggestions. So get in touch and let me know what I should be checking out!

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