Summer of Baseball

During my trip to the States and Canada this summer, I was lucky enough to go to a few baseball games. I love North American sports and while I am a huge ice hockey fan (Go Hawks!), I have struggled to fully understand the appeal of baseball. I was fairly comfortable with the rules but just didn’t quite “get” the whole thing. It all changed this summer – the ball game experience is hard to match. So grab a couple of friends, a few beers and make sure you attend a game next time you’re in the States!

Below are 3 ball parks which I’ve visited on my trip.

Yankee Stadium – New York Yankees

Enjoying a beer at Yankee Stadium
Enjoying a beer at Yankee Stadium

Judging by the amount of replica hats you see pretty much anywhere you go, it’s safe to say that the New York Yankees don’t even need to do their own marketing. The famous logo is everywhere! Since my USA trip started with a few days in New York, I decided to check out a game on my first day in the country. The new Yankee Stadium is a stone’s throw from the old facility in the Bronx and has only opened in 2009. It’s also used by a Major League Soccer side New York City FC. It’s a modern ball park which has around 50,000 seats and has countless merchandise stands, food and alcohol outlets, VIP boxes and all sorts of facilities that you would expect from a modern sports arena. The Yankees ran out winners and I have had my first taste of live baseball action!

Don’t miss: The whole baseball experience. You’re watching the Yankees! If you don’t care that much about baseball, this is pretty much as big as it gets.


Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs

Game day at Wrigley Field
Game day at Wrigley Field

I was very excited about visiting Chicago. Ever since I was a kid, I was in love with the Chicago Bulls basketball team which featured the incredible Michael Jordan. I vowed to visit the city one day and I have supported Chicago sports teams for many, many years. Our group decided to head to Wrigley to watch the Cubs take on the Pittsburg Pirates. Wrigley Field is one of the of the oldest Major League Baseball ball parks and was built in 1914. It is famous for a great atmosphere and its day-time games, of which the Cubs have the most out of any team in MLB. The Cubs won on a beautiful, hot May afternoon and we all sung Go, Cubs, Go to celebrate! It was one of my favourite experiences in America.

Don’t miss: The famous 7th Inning Stretch with the whole stadium singing Take Me Out To The Ball Game. It’s unreal!


Rogers Centre – Toronto Blue Jays

View of the CN Tower from the Rogers Centre
View of the CN Tower from the Rogers Centre

Formerly known as The SkyDome, the Rogers Centre is the home to the Blue Jays, the only Canadian-based team in MLB. Featuring a retractable roof, the venue is also popular with music artists who are able to perform in the stadium rain or shine. Located in the heart of downtown Toronto, the Rogers Centre has the benefit of a towering CN Tower looking over its 54000 seats. I was lucky enough to catch the Blue Jays take on the Boston Red Sox – a game that ended in defeat for the home team. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the standard practice of a few beers while catching up with a friend and cheering on the team.

Don’t miss: Craning your neck for great views of CN Tower.


Have you been to any of these in the past? What other ball parks should I be aiming to check out on my next trip?

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