New Year, New Travel Lexx

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I don’t really do resolutions. I have never smoked and only drink socially – so nothing I need to quit. I eat relatively healthily and don’t feel like I need to cut down on anything. I exercise up to 6 days a week – and yes, I will put my hands up, I am not that happy about newbies invading my gym (but it’s ok, they will be gone in about 5 weeks, never to be seen again). I spend a good amount of time with my friends and have caught up with a lot of people from my travels – something that is not that easy to do. And, of course, I travel – one of the things that many people would love to do but for one reason or another are unable to.

When I started this blog in August last year, I wasn’t sure how seriously I would take it or how much time I would commit to it. Yet, I am enjoying it more than ever – I’ve rediscovered my love for writing which was almost beaten out of me by my uni degree,  shared my travels with people from all over the world and started looking at travel from different perspectives. Working on the blog is almost therapeutic and I am planning to stick around for a while!

So, I guess my only “resolution” for 2016 is to keep making even better and in the next few days I will be changing the look of this blog to something more resembling my vision for it. It’ll hopefully be a little more pleasing to the eye and easier to navigate. Please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions about anything!

Thank you to everyone following, liking and reading my posts and I hope you also have a fantastic 2016!

Happy Travels


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