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I tend to be quite spontaneous when it comes to travel but as I wrote on the blog a few weeks back, travel shows are a great opportunity to book some trips for the coming year at great prices.

Since booking those, however, I have managed to book another three trips for 2016 (I really don’t know how I am going to afford all of them!). These were a little more spontaneous and I am super excited about all the travel coming up next year!

At the end of January I am heading to Paris for a weekend with a good friend of mine. Hopefully the anxiety gripping Europe right now will have eased off by then and we will be able to enjoy this majestic city fully.

About a week later, I am going to say goodbye to the inevitable freezing weather in London and head over to Thailand for a two week break. I love the country having visited four times before, but the flights were very cheap and I am currently enjoying planning an itinerary which will take in some of my favourite places and hopefully loads of new ones too! I will probably try and explore some islands as well as maybe visiting national parks and historical sites. Always open to suggestions, so drop me a line!

In April, I am finally going to visit the Netherlands! Somehow, I have never managed to make it over there and what better way to see Amsterdam for the first time, than for Koningsdag or King’s Day, a national holiday celebrating the birthday of King Willem-Alexander. It takes place on 27th April and we have already booked accommodation with a few friends. There will be street parties and many festivities and I am definitely looking forward to donning orange for the celebrations!

I look forward to letting you guys know how these trips went and feel free to let me know if I should definitely do something while I am in all these amazing places!

Never stop exploring!


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