A Career Change?

So I’ve turned 30 a couple of months back and I must be having some sort of a crisis because I’ve been thinking about what I’m doing with my life. I have quite a few plans for the next ten years, namely to visit 60 countries before I turn 40 but at the rate I am going, I might need to be a bit more ambitious!

I have a few friends who have been working abroad teaching English and I have been looking into it lately. Having lived abroad for a few years, I am quite happy to be away from home and the idea of experiencing another culture and having opportunities to immerse myself in a new country sounded quite attractive.

In order to be able to teach English abroad, you need to have a Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) qualification which is commonly done online and prepares you for delivering lessons in schools around the world. Some of the countries that are popular with TEFL qualified teachers are China, Japan, Thailand and Colombia. The qualification certainly opens a few doors for people who are interested in living abroad and trying their hand at teaching.

After checking out a few companies, I settled on LoveTEFL (www.lovetefl.com). They offer a good range of courses as well as help in finding work after you qualify as well as package trips which combine travelling with teaching in different parts of the world.

After thinking about it for a few days, I have decided to book a 180 hrs course which I will have six months to complete in my own time. I am excited as this will open a few doors for me and potentially allow me to teach abroad! So I am sort of becoming a student again! Fun times

Have you got a TEFL qualification? Get in touch and share your experiences?


2 thoughts on “A Career Change?

  1. StruckWithFernweh says:

    I’m also considering a career change into TEFL after working for a couple of years in a boring office setting.

    I just finished my TEFL certifications this summer to prepare for teaching in South Korea in the spring. I did a 150-hour online certificate through learnTEFL (pretty cheap, maybe $50?), which provided the necessary grammatical information and basic teaching theory. Then I did a 20-hour in-class TEFL certification with i-to-i TEFL in Chicago. In case you are considering South Korea, the public school programs like EPIK and GEPIK have stated that they’re preferring candidates who have in-class components to their TEFL certifications.

    Feel free to check out my blog (www.struckwithfernweh.wordpress.com) if you’re interested in the process of applying to teach (specifically in Korea), which I’ve been blogging about lately as I figure things out! Any idea where you’re looking to teach? Good luck with your course!

    • Travel Lexx says:

      Hey there, and thanks for the useful advice. To be honest, right not I’m just looking to get the qualification done and then see what happens next year. I’m fortunate that my office job is very flexible and gives me a chance to travel!

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