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My name is Alexei Gaynanov and am an explorer, adventurer and fitness junkie from London, UK. I have a passion for travel and writing, so it made sense to combine the two – and so Travel Lexx was born! I have travelled to 44 countries across five continents and am always on the lookout for my next adventure. My aim is to inspire wanderlust and share my experiences to encourage others to see the world.  All the while balancing a full time job and sporting commitments.

Travel Lexx

Travel Lexx is a blog focusing on exploring the world through active travel and adventure. From hiking and cycling to canoeing and white-water rafting, I challenge myself to discover places differently while also keeping fit.

Featuring off-the-beaten-path destinations and alternative ways to discover popular spots, its aim is to inform and inspire through high quality writing and photography. From inspirational lists and “how to” posts to top destination guides, Travel Lexx provides valuable content for its loyal and passionate audience.


Travel Lexx is targeted towards active/adventure travellers while also attracting a more mainstream audience interested in travel

As of 2017, visitors to Travel Lexx range broadly in age between 18 and 54. 55% of readers are men with interests including travel, sport, fitness and outdoor pursuits.

My audience is split between United States (33%) and United Kingdom (25.7%) with Australia, Canada, Germany, Thailand and Japan also providing reliable readership.

Social Media:  3500+ 1150+ 600+  340+

10% growth across social media in April 2017

Klout score 63

Website Stats: DA score 26   PA score 38

Consistently ranked within top 200 travel bloggers in the Travel1k list by Rise Global

Ranked #159 UK travel blog by Trips100

Partnership Opportunities

Press Trips – I am committed to ensuring that any trip I take is extensively covered on the blog. This includes quality articles, high-resolution photographs and social media campaigns.

Product Reviews – If you would like your travel product/service featured on the blog, contact me to discuss available options. While I am happy to promote sponsored reviews, please be aware that they will be labelled as such and I reserve the right to write honestly about your product.

Guest Posts/Collaborations – I am always open to collaborating with other travel bloggers, brands and influencers on engaging content. If you would like to enquire about submitting a guest post for Travel Lexx, get in touch!

Promotions/giveaways – If you want to run a competition or promotion, my social media reach will help your product or service get noticed by an extended audience.

Freelance writing – I am able to produce creative, original content for a range of media to tight schedules and briefs. I have graduated from the prestigious journalism school at City University, London with a Journalism/Psychology degree and have a strong understanding of online, print and broadcast media.

Photography – I never go on a trip without my camera and, as a result, take creative, high-quality shots all around the world. If you would like to license anything you see on the website, commission a portfolio or want to collaborate – get in touch!

Video – The latest addition to my travel arsenal is a GoPro action camera which I will be using on my trips to create engaging video content. Get in touch if you or your brand would be a good fit – after all, video is one of the hottest trends in social media right now.

Advertising opportunities – Get in touch if you would like to advertise on the blog.

If you are interested in working with me, do get in touch!

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