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Enjoying Angkor Wat in 2013


Thanks for checking out my blog – I hope that you’ve found something on here that inspires you to get out there and TRAVEL!

My name is Lexx, I live in London, England and a few years back I’ve caught the travel bug. I’ve been to 39 countries across 4 continents and I am always looking forward to my next adventure.

I started travelling from a young age, joining my family on holidays and business trips around Russia and former Soviet Republics. I moved to the United Kingdom when I was 13 and went through school and university here.

Sport has always been important to me and I played tennis competitively for many years, putting travel on the back burner. Then, 5 years ago I travelled to Australia to visit some friends and within a day of being there, something clicked.

I realised that something was missing. I didn’t want to look back at my 20s and regret not travelling more. I decided to see more of the world and less than a year later I was back on the plane to Australia. Family circumstances and a supportive employer gave me an opportunity and I never looked back.

Since 2012, I have travelled to over 25 countries, enjoyed some amazing experiences and met some great people from all around the world. This blog started because I wanted to combine my love for travel and writing and share everything I learn on my travels.

My dream is to try and build a community of like-minded people who love travel and inform and inspire each other to discover new experiences. Or try some new food. Or meet somebody from a place they’ve never been to.

I always want to hear from people all over the world so get in touch!

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If you would like to commission me to contribute to your website or publication, please get in touch via lexx@travelexx.com.

The world is a beautiful place – what are you waiting for?


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